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2017 International Conference on Economy under Sanctions is the premier forum for the presentation of new papers and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Issues such as sanctions and economy, trade, international law, political science and sociology, social sciences, etc. The conference will bring together leading researchers, scientists, economists, lawyers, sociologist, etc. in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Theme and sub-theme:


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


- Explaining the economic conditions of sanctioned countries (China, Libya, India, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Russia, North Korea, etc.) from the perspective of macro-Economic variables (exports, imports, privatization, inflation, interest rates, exchange rate, GDP, per capita income, economic growth, tax, unemployment, etc.)

- Explaining the economic conditions under sanctions from the perspective of microeconomic variables (markets, games theory, income Distribution, etc.)

- Economic sanctions from social dimension (general health, health, Racism, migration, food security, environment, Social Capital, etc.);

- Economic sanctions and international politics and law (human rights, democracy, humanitarian aid, etc.)

- The impact of sanctions on the production and trade of energy (oil, gas, etc.);

- Terms of economic sanctions and international monetary and financial systems;

- Sanctions and banking and international trade;

- Economic sanctions and business space, entrepreneurship, SMEs;

-  Sanctions and tourism industry and foreign direct and indirect investment (FDI & FPI).

- The Nature and Models of Sanctions;

- Sanctions Management;

- Typology of economic Sanctions;

- Sanctions and Resistive Economics;

- Management of Organizations and Companies In Terms of Sanctions;

- Reducing the Social and Economic Effects of Sanctions;

- Economic situation after sanctions and its challenges and opportunities 

- Lausanne Declaration and its results and effects

-  Sanctions Tradesmen

- The role of the private sector in sanctions

- Any analysis of the Iranian economy with respect to the 38-year sanctions against the country

And Other Subjects Related To Sanctions...


Important Dates:


Deadline of Full Paper submission: ....................... Oct 1, 2017

Notification of acceptance: ................................... Oct 10, 2017

Authors ' registration: .................. Oct 10, 2017 - Oct 12, 2017

Conference Dates: .................................................  Oct 27, 2017


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If you are a free researcher or a free scientist, it would be our honor to invite you to join us in the scientific committee of the 5th International Conference on Economy under sanctions. Membership in ICEUS-2017 scientific committee can open new windows of opportunity regarding your judgment potentials and developmental aims free of charge.